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Behind The Scenes At Nosmay

Our Background

Nosmay Company Limited is a technology and business solutions provider incorporated in
1999 and headquartered in Ghana. Nosmay is distinguished for its expertise in aligning the
right technology solutions to clients’ business needs. We focus on delivering value-driven
solutions to clients towards operational efficiency and profitability.

Nosmay has 18 years’ experience in Business and IT Strategy, Consulting and
Implementation for enterprises, companies and institutions across varied industries and
operating in Africa and the UK.

We also have 11 years expert experience in application development in internet, software,
hardware and LAN in addition to 9 years expertise in communication solutions, planning and

Our Vision

Become a world-renowned company distinguished at the forefront of technology and
business consulting and with products that transform and add value to businesses,
organisations and institutions.

Our Mission

To provide premium value-driven technology and business solutions that drive profitability
and business transformation with an all-round superior customer experience tailored to
consistently exceed customer expectations

The faces behind our success

The faces behind our success

We Couldn’t Do It Without Them

Ishmael Yamson


Emelia Yamson


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Behind The Scenes At Nosmay