Asseco SxS server is a comprehensive and proven multi-factor authentication solution specifically designed to provide highly secure access to any application and system by using progressive technology

"What really turned me over was the ability to understand how everything works without any prior knowledge."
Brian G

About The product

The Asseco SxS authentication solution is based on a multi-factor concept which provides a wide range of strong person to authentication methods (like OTP, Mac, challenge/responds) and combines them with biometric and risk analysis mechanisms to provide high security for you users, no matter if they are using hardware or software tokens.

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Key Benefits

SxS prevents potential damage to the organization, providing high security standards and technology to comply with the PSD2, GDPR and RTS requirements. It comes with own Mobile Token Application, which enables a seamless user experience. The solution’s modularity as well as high availability and scalability allow meeting the demands of millions of online users (e.g. retail banking).

Our solution supports a wide range of existing hardware authentication devices from different vendors. This multi-device support means that you will not fall into the device lockout trap. This also puts you in a better negotiating position at the time of device purchase.

The SxS server enables our clients to become compliant with multiple regulations in finance industries, e.g. PSD2, PCI-DSS and various other legislation enacted by local banking regulators. It simplifies bank logistics activities in relation to client onboarding, Mobile Token provisioning, distribution of hardware devices to branch offices or end clients. Moreover, it supports different EMV card embossing processes (where cards are used as authentication devices), and allows issuance of combo cards. Events and data collected from end user devices ( geolocation, acceleration, user behaviour) can be analyzed and transferred to the central antifraud module.

The SxS server is able to serve multiple client organizations in a single instance and it is used by multiple cloud service providers as well as large organizations which host multiple instances for different geographic regions. The solution architecture allows easy scaling in data centers, has extensive list of enterprise plug-ins ready for integration with various IT components, and offers open API for integration with custom third-party applications. Multiple instances are served by the same application with built-in multitenacy capabilities and fine-grained access policies.

The system is completely configurable and allows you to combine different authentication schemes with different authentication devices. It is flexible with regard to custom functionalities and specific business processes. As well, the adaptation of new authentication methods is very easy. It can also be smoothly integrated in any enterprise infrastructure and with various applications and systems: banking applications, network services, computer logon screens, business applications, online B2B/B2C portals, any mobile, desktop or web application. It relies on mechanisms familiar to customers – “now and tomorrow” – which means less investment in training campaigns, registration and help desk support.

SxS decreases the cost of TCO (total cost of ownership) by being a single point of authentication service, consolidated across all digital channels and separate business units into a single solution, supporting different types of authentication devices.

SxS solution is based on SCA (Strong customer authentication) principles where the user is uniquely identified by the following factors:

  • Something the user knows[PIN. Password]
  • Something the user has [device, mobile token]
  • Something the user is [fingerprint, facial recognition]

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